Let's change your web app idea into a prospering business

Create additional income source and achieve financial freedoom with help of design and development.



Design Sprint


UI/UX Design

Interactive prototype

User Testing

Creating MVP of the Product

Web Development

Project Management


Just take a look and decide for yourself – if You think it's worth to schedule a call.

website ui ux case studywebsite ui ux case study

Startup that helps you to build a home on your own and cut costs by 25-50%.

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web app with mockups ui ux case study

Unique mockup aggregator website that allows you to both get a free sample and buy full version.

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Price ranges

Just take what size of a investment is needed to create your project with colorblind. Final prices will be tied to your idea and size of a business.

Web application

$2000 – $4000

Do You have an idea that could help you to create a side income source? If so – let me help you to create working proof of concept that will benefit your business.

Website with CMS

$1000 – $2000

CMS – Content Management System, it means that users will be able to add posts or another kind of data. It will allow you to write a self-hosted blog or invite others as the editors of your website.

Quick business


You're just starting out? At this point the biggest difference just being out there – usually this kind of a website has 4-5 pages. It will address general needs of your customers and showcase your offer.

Landing page


You have already a website but it you are not satisfied with conversion results from your ad campaing? Let's make a landing page with specific conversion goal

Strategy session


It's not needed if we're making quick business website or landing – but it's necessary in case of making Web Application or Website with CMS. This price will most likely increase soon!



I will create rough sketch of the copywriting. If you dont' want to do it by yourself – I can hire an external copywriter that will also share his marketing and sales ideas with you.

Usually I charge 50% of the total estimate upfront. This way I know that you're serious about the project.

Collaboration tools

Tools that are known world-wide.

Google Docs

Before we dive into the design phase I will create information architecture and the rough sketch of the copywriting. We will finish it together or with help of external copywriter.


Every design is created in this design tool. It will allow us to have a discussion in the exact place that grabs your attention. And developers love it – it makes their work much quicker!


When your site will be live you might have a few questions (the bigger the project – more questions). In this case markup.io allows to pinpoint comments to exact places on a living website.


Just take what size of a investment is needed to create your project with colorblind.


Ideal for landing pages and quick business websites

You will collaborate with me directly during this kind of a projects.


Best for websites with CMS, and small web apps

In case of website with user created content like blog posts – we will collaborate with my wordpress development partner.


In case of larger web apps

I collaborate closely with Beside The Park Poland, Warsaw based Softwarehouse. They are technology-agnostic which means that they will fulfill the needs of the project.

The process

In case of the Quick business website or Website with a CMS (Web Applications are bit more complex, but the main idea stays the same).

0. Strategy session

Free or paid, it will help me to understand your business and customers' needs and make higher positive impact on your business because of it.

1. Copywriting

At this point we will settle the information architecture, I will deliver to you: list of pages and stuff on it and then rough copywriting.

2. Design

At this point copywriting is done and frozen. At the beginning we create moodboard to understand the vibe that You're aiming for. After that we can't make significant direction change without additional fee.

3. Development

Now we have finished the design, so we can focus only on how well it's implemented. At this point we can't add new features. The most important thing is to make sure that the critical aspects of our project are aligned with needs of your business.

There are 2 rounds of fixes @ every stage

If you will feel that you need more – you can always buy another 2 rounds.

Let's talk about your project

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Fill short form and we will save 15-30m of initial conversation. It's created to be as simple as possible to fill out. :) So please, take a moment, fill it and I will be fully prepared for our future conversation!

Schedule a free strategy session
Do You prefer talking? I'm curions person from nature – so let's schedule a call and I will ask you few questions about your business.

Free busines analysis and strategy session in form of a video call – June 2020


Studio colorblind is located in Poznan, Poland (Eastern Europe) but it works mainly remote.

My main goal is to make your business more profitable with design and project management. I will help you with laser-sharp focus and ability to simplify complex ideas.

Let's look together for the most most impactful and least demanding solutions. So – if you're looking for someone that will engage in your project – this is the right spot!

Tom Mirowski


From the major cities of Poland (Eastern Europe) – Poznan, Warsaw, Krakow.

Web/Wordpress developer – Marian Faron

He's a freelancer. We delivered many projects together.

Softwarehouse – Beside The Park

Softwarehouse that works with companies outside of Poland.

Brand & Web Designer – Joanna Statucka

She's aiming for high estetique level and artistic vibe.

Strategist – Matt Wolniak

Matt is purely analytical brain. He will hold his assumptions as long as he will see the proof in the data. He's also Design Sprint nerd – he even made a course how to conduct it.

Full Stack Designer – Artur Polkowski

One man army – he does design and frontend development. His specialisation are data heavy projects.

eCommerce, marketing and sales – Michael Urbanowicz

His ideas will help you to get customers to your doors. – ”You don't need business cards if you just keep it in your wallet.”